Mitsubishi Preparations

// Group N: an affordable, yet competitive option
Following years of hard work, Calm Competició has been recognized as one of the best experts in Mitsubishi Lancer mechanics, distinction deservedly gained while adapting to the newest evolutions of this vehicle in its many years of activity. Although the Japanese manufacturer has ceased to implement new versions of his distinguished Lancer Evolution, the sheer number of existent units, its economic operation and the high performance it offers make it an ideal choice for private programmes.


Calm Competició are specialists in the preparation, evolution and maintenance of the different Mitsubishi evolutions, which is why they continue to be one of the most renowned experts on these mechanics and with the most experience in the technical management of this iconic piece, which hold no secrets for the engineers, whether they are preparation levels group N, group N+ or group A, in both gravel and tarmac.


The sports and technical management services that Calm Competició has to offer is highlighted by the possibility of renting Lancer Evolution competition vehicles, ready to rumble in both gravel and tarmac competitions. These Lancer cars are perfectly tuned and ready to compete, with a high degree of reliability and Calm’s total guarantee with the added perk of being truly affordable. Said units are rented along the assistance team suitable to the race at hand, which makes for a worry-free experience for the pilot. These are the perfect vehicles to learn the driving of a 4x4: powerful and efficient.

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